Fatty1's Investment Philosophy

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Fatty1's Investment Philosophy

Post by fatty1 on Sat Sep 03, 2016 2:09 pm

I'm Fatty1.
Here is my Investment Philosophy:

- Value seeking i.e high yield or earnings vs risk.
- Focus is predicting future earnings / rent
- Long term investment horizon i.e. years as opposed to months
- Bubblability of the asset
- Macro focus i.e. generally look at the asset class + geo location as a whole. This is a very broad top down approach – compared to stock selection.
- Mirroring pros – no shame in copying ideas

Values and mindset required:
- Open mindedness
- Seeking criticism i.e. if there are flaws in your investment ideas this actually works to your self interest
- Abundance mentality i.e. belief that a lot of opportunities
- Process orientation vs result orientation

Riding some big investment themes
- Massive quantitative easing over last 5 years
- Big China trends i.e. emerging middle class, internet adoption (6 China megatrends)
- Ageing populations – although healthcare is already very expensive


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