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Post by fatty1 on Sat Sep 03, 2016 2:12 pm

Rationale and structure

- There is already a wealth of information on the internet i.e. individual security analysis, investment blogs, forums etc. Aussie stock forums is an example of this. Whilst there can be a lot of rubbish on these sites, there are also a lot of gems i.e. well-reasoned opinions by pros.
- If there already exists a lot of information, and higher quality information, why do we need to create a separate blog?

  • Aggregation of information in individual pages
  • Learning – writing is learning, debating ideas is learning
  • Communication – this is an easy way to explain your investment ideas if anyone asks what to invest in.

- So we can just have separate pages for each asset class or investment theory and people can comment at the end if they want to
- Each page can be broken down into: asset selection – why? And execution – how?
- Structure can be a wiki or a private forum.


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